GK Legacy 800

The Quest for Tone continues today with a look at the Legacy 800 bass amplifier by Gallien-Krueger. Check it out at https://www.gallien-krueger.com/legacy-heads and be sure to tell em that Jayme sent ya!

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  1. Hey Jayme
    Really nice product video – love the Pac=Man flair to it. Plus very informative. I’ve been a fan of GK for a while now and have an MB500. Mostly I play direct to the board in a worship setting through an MXR M80. It also occurs to me that a guy with your savvy and industry knowledge and contacts could come up with a signature head. Maybe Dave Boonshoft could dial up something as I notice your basses all have Aguilar pickups. Just a thought.

    Anyway, thanks again – and cheers for now.

    Chris Wenkle
    Rathdrum ID
    CW Guitars

    • Thanks Chris! Haha ya I’ll chat with Dave and see what we can do 😉 Thanks dude!

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