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This is Jayme’s wife, Sara. Yes, I know. It has been over a month since our last post. That must mean there isn’t much to report. Well, I guess that’s true. I finished my last round of chemo on May 13th and since then, it’s just been about getting back to a normal life. On June 4th, I finally got word that my white cell count was high enough for me to start eating raw fruits and vegetables again. And let me just tell ya how wonderful they taste, after not being able to eat them for 4 months. That juice that runs down your face when you eat watermelon… don’t take that for granted!

Tomorrow morning I go in for another PET scan (a positron emission tomography (PET) scan is an imaging test that uses a radioactive substance called a tracer to look for disease in the body). I have an appointment with my oncologist the following week, so we’re hoping to hear back on the result then, if not sooner. My doctor also had us set up another appointment with City of Hope to get a second opinion on the results, whatever they might be. The scan will be a piece of cake, just a gross drink, an injection, and a 20 minute scan.

I’ve been feeling so good the past couple of weeks, that it’s hard to think that there might still be some cancer. We’re just going to stay positive and hope for the best, because there’s no reason for us to think otherwise at this point. But we’re getting a little anxious as we wait for the final results. We really appreciate all of the love and support during all of this and would appreciate prayers for tranquility as we wait for the next step. If the results are good, we’ll be planning a huge celebration BBQ.

144 days since diagnosis.

Oh, here’s a gif representing my current eyelash status (what eyelashes!?):