How to Play Silence – Playing Bass on a Worship Team #5

You’d think that playing Silence is easy. In fact, it’s not! It’s almost harder to play nothing than it is to play something! Think I’m wrong? Watch this video then 🙂 I’ll demonstrate my point this week with Hillsong’s Cornerstone.

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  1. Jayme,
    Thanks for the information on silence. I totally agree on the effect it has on playing.
    As for as your trick that you do on nearly every song? I didn’t see it. I mean, I guess I missed it. Are you talking about when you went up to the 16th note octaves? Thanks again!
    So, a lot of us are R & R / R & B conformist! That’s very cool. It just goes to show you how God can use us old “down and outs”…pull us out of the ‘dirt’ of an “acceptable lifestyle”, and place us on a path of hope and prosperity through the “grace” of God.

    • Thanks! I think I just meant in general that I try to use silence in nearly every song, especially at that big build up moment where the drummer does his super fill 🙂 That pull-the-rug-out moment always seems to work its way into my playing somehow 🙂

  2. Jayme very nice video , I’m still waiting on my solder kit.
    Scotch tape works good till I get my kit.
    Christopher I walked away from alcohol 2o something years ago , I don’t keep dates on when I stopped. Just stopping what was destroying me is all that matters , it was easy.
    Not really it was hard at first , I replicated that motion of drinking beer using sodas and it worked.
    Then I had to stop the sodas because of all that caffeine.
    Seems everything that taste good is bad for you like fried chicken.
    I just turned 60 and cant believe time passed so fast.
    Take care ,

    • Mark
      Amazing that we survived what we did. I even still have the moccasins I made in craft therapy when I was locked up in the Riverside County psychiatric lock-ward. I’m grateful for God’s Grace where that is concerned, on an every day basis. I just quite coffee cold-turkey about three weeks ago, which just proves we’re all still works in progress.

  3. Hey Jayme
    That was a really informative piece on playing in the silence. I’m basically self-taught on bass, and even though I’ve been playing for over 25 years – I’m still learning. I’m also a self-taught guitarist since I was 10 (I’m 67 now) so I have to do the Yoda thing of unlearning what I have learned on guitar. I’m playing bass tomorrow at church for three services and I plan on going through the list later today to see where I can use space like you illustrated.
    Funny thing: I tried to be a music major in college back in the late 60’s, but was too busy with drugs and alcohol to study. That lifestyle almost killed me, but by God’s grace I haven’t touched any of it since 9/7/77. That being said – I obviously have a lot of things to learn with theory. I hear it and feel it, but I can’t call it by name, and that’s a bit frustrating at times.
    Enough blathering out of me for now. Thanks again for the great lesson.

    • I know exactly where you’re coming from Chris. The theory stuff is intimidating at first but it really is easy once you get the basics down, and it helps a lot! Have you gotten to the Ignite Musical Training lessons yet here at this site? They’re in the LESSONS section. Definitely good stuff for your vocabulary!

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