What Kind of Bass Do I Need? – Game of Tones #1

The hour is finally upon us – The Quest for Tone begins! This can be a tough decision for any bass player, from the one just starting out to the one who has been playing for years… Which bass do I buy? Surely, the answer couldn’t be, “all of them,” could it? Let’s find out in today’s episode of Game of Tones.

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  1. Hey Jayme
    Am I assuming correctly that one of the future “Game of Tones” features will cover right hand technique to ameliorate ones tone? I figure that in the last 25+ years I’ve bought, built, modified, and sold over 50 basses looking for that elusive something in my tone. It dawned on me one day that I can get a lot of different variations on my tone from varying my right hand technique. The pivotal moment was when I saw The Yellowjackets in Tacoma WA. Jimmy Haslip played his fretless 6-string, but he was getting this HUGE upright sound in one number by placing his right hand over the end of the neck. It was an “aha” moment.
    Enough from me
    Thanks again
    Chris Wenkle
    Rathdrum ID

    • All I can say is you’ll have to check back next week, no spoilers!
      But yes 🙂

      • He he….

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