Game of Tones – Different Types of Strings (Week 2/8)

The Quest for Tone continues! Another question that pops up regularly here at TheBassist.net is “What kind of strings should I buy?” And rightly so, there are so many options/brands/sizes to choose from! I’ll talk for a bit about this subject and how it applies to my bass playing in today’s episode of Game of Tones.

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  1. Great post! My fretless is a “high tech” wonder with optical pickups. It has a very fast board and plays like a dream. But unless you put exactly the right strings on it, it sounds like crap. I’ve tried every imaginable string on it. I’ve found that GHS Progressives are the only strings to make that bass sing. I hope this helps anyone who plays a similar bass.

    • Dude I played Optical pickups once on a fretless and I fell in love! Such a great sound! Who makes it?

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