Episode 49 with Pou Piam & Brian Kops

Pou, Brian and I been on tour together for the past 25 days and I couldn’t have asked for better bandmates and friends to spend the month with!

  1. Dude, on the topic of wild animals… Tigers. Tigers are like simultaneously beautiful looking but scary as hell. I was watching some videos the other days of them like climbing giant poles and how quick they can accelerate to full speed. They even camouflage well (which surprised me because they’re like, bright orange).
    They’re huge, fast, strong, and smart. Tiger has to be my choice if I’m going out via killer animal. I was reading that historically Siberian Tigers would hunt Grizzly Bears in Russia during harsh weather months where food was scarce. They’re crazy animals.

    • I think you’re correct; a tiger would be a fantastic way to go, especially since they (and most cats) go for the throat first, so more than likely your death would be quick. But not painless haha.

      • It’s gotta be quicker than a Komodo. I don’t think I’d be down for that. lol.

        • Haha totally.


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