Episode 41 with Jordan Childs

I had so much fun playing with Jordan at The Bass Hang during Winter NAMM 2019, and it was so nice to squeeze this podcast in during our writing sessions and rehearsals. Enjoy!

  1. This was one hellavuh podcast. Funny you guys mentioned deleting FB and Twitter because I recently did just that lol. Found myself mostly going on those and just getting angry about all these political posts. It was such a distraction.
    Kept my Instagram because I go on there and it’s almost entirely bass/music related content that inspires/educates me in some way. It’s been like less than 2 weeks but it feels amazing to not be pulling my phone out to check FB/Twitter every few minutes.
    Also… never heard of the enneagram (spelling?), but I went and took multiple tests after listening to this and I’m getting a lot of 1 with a strong 9 wing. Interesting stuff!

  2. Awesome Evan! Ya man, it’s so freeing to be away from social media. I’m with ya! And ya the enneagram stuff is real interesting. I highly recommend checking it all out!


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