Beginner Funk Groove & Lick #2

Here’s an entry-level finger-funk groove that uses pentatonic 16th note syncopations over an Fm chord. The notes might be easy, but trust me – THE GROOVE IS NOT! You really need to focus on your timing and your feel, because the tightness of your notes and the precision of your groove is EVERYTHING in funk music. But make sure that you’ve already completed the Essential Funk Vocabulary course before attempting to play this.

  1. hi jayme I still can’t seem to get things to download consistently . I get the prompt for my email and that a link will be forthcoming that never arrives. I tricked it into sending me a link last time but I can’t seem to figure out what I did. I’ll keep trying. thanks for any tips.

    • Thanks Ken – ya there’s a plugin that’s malfunctioning on my end and I can’t seem to figure it out yet. Thousands of people are downloading it just fine and a handful are having trouble. I’ll keep with it, but in the mean time check your email 😉


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