Posted on March 31, 2017

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As of today, April 1st, after years of R&D, product development, legal battles and countless trips to our overseas manufacturing partners in China I am pleased to announce that the future of bass has finally arrived.

Like the shirt I’m wearing? You can order one HERE.

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  1. Hey Jayme
    I can’t decide which I like better: “The Powerglove” or the “Ice Bucket Groove.” That’s some amazing shtick you have created there. I suppose you could always get a second career on SNL or Second City.

    That made my April 1st


    Chris Wenkle
    Rathdrum ID

  2. thanks Jayme, watching that was a great way to start my day, got some good laughs out of that! pretty funny stuff!

    1. Thank you Robert! I’m honored 🙂 Glad to have been of service. Would you mind sharing this video for me? I know it’s no longer April Fools, but I would truly appreciate the help! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with me Robert 🙂

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