Posted on December 15, 2014

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Listen to the following examples to help train your ear to hear and identify these sounds (you’ll especially need to know them for each Dictation Test that you take). These “aural flashcards” will help you in the following areas of your musicianship:

Interval Training – Identifying the ascending P4, P5 and P8 Intervals by ear.

Pitch Control – Singing the ascending P4, P5 and P8 Intervals from a given tone.

Scale Exercises – Identifying ascending Major and Minor Scales.

Listen to these in the car, at work or the gym… Anywhere that you can subconsciously drill these sounds into your memory! After you’ve finished your Homework Assignments for this Lesson and worked with these Listening Aids for a few days, be sure to watch the LESSON #2 Dictation Practice-Test video.

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